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Bright Hill Road

Guilt.  It can do a number on the soul - especially when it is trying to heal from a trauma which proves to be unyielding.  This is the tricky territory of Bright Hill Road, the new thriller from director Robert Cuffley, a film which manages to prove to be both intense and unsettling thanks to a tightly focused narrative and a riveting performance from lead actress Siobhan Williams

"proves to be shocking and thrilling as the misdeeds of a sordid past come to plague upon the wicked"


Opening with an intense focus on Marcy (Williams), Bright Hill Road turns its introspective lens into a violent free-for-all when, after we witness Marcy down her morning cups of alcohol, a disgruntled employee returns to the job he was just fired from for a bit of shoot ‘em up therapy.  The damage he does with a gun in his hand is brutal and wicked and Marcy, by climbing on a toilet seat and letting a co-worker take a bullet instead of her, survives to tell the tale.

Except the damage has been done.  

Marcy is a walking wreck of a human being.  If we didn’t witness that before the shooting, we’d see the residue from the office killing on her clothes and reflected back to us in her eyes, but we already know, thanks to her alcoholic tendencies, that something is eating at her and her stay at Bright Hill Road will reveal it all.  After all, everyone goes there with a secret . . . 

And that’s only the beginning.  Bright Hill Road

Because, with her sister on her mind, Marcy embarks on a road trip, but stays at the Bright Hill Road Boarding House on her way there.  It was supposed to be a historic stop.  Take in a bit of the atmosphere, you know?  Except the bossy Mrs. Inman (Agam Darshi), who gives her wine bottle after wine bottle, wants more from her.  Nevermind the sobbing which echoes eternally down the hall from another room.  And there’s the only other visible guest, Owen (Michael Eklund) who has her eye, too.  Heavy drinking follows and Marcy discovers that there is no escape from the prison which holds her captive.

Something unsettling is happening here.  

Written by Susie Moloney, Bright Hill Road might be a film about a person losing all grips upon her reality, but it is also a film which provides so many twists and turns not seen coming that it proves to be shocking and thrilling as the misdeeds of a sordid past come to plague upon the wicked. While it might lean a bit heavily on Jacob’s Ladder, this Carnival of Souls-like thriller is a good refresher on repent-driven time loops that suck away at the concrete surrounding us.

Uncork’d Entertainment takes you down the terrifying trail of Bright Hill Road when it releases On Demand and DVD on January 12, 2021.  Don’t travel alone.

3/5 stars

Bright Hill Road


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Bright Hill Road

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Robert Cuffley
Susie Moloney
Siobhan Williams, Michael Eklund, Agam Darshi
: Horror
You can't outrun a nightmare
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Uncork'd Entertainment
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On Demand and DVD January 12, 2021
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January 12, 2021.
Synopsis: When a misstep after a workplace shooting puts alcoholic Marcy on leave, she heads out to see her sister in California. Halfway there, she stops for a couple of days at the Bright Hill Road Boarding House. The walls close in on the deeply troubled Marcy, as she loses touch with reality and comes face to face with the misdeeds of her sordid past.

Bright Hill Road

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