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Go/Don't Go

It is a life based on day-in, day-out routine, etched out in earnest atmosphere as Adam (Alex Knapp, who also wrote and directed this movie) embraces the isolation and sameness of his existence in this future-set thriller.  Adam is seemingly alone on the third rock from the sun, but determining the cause of this isolation is an entirely different matter altogether as Go/Don’t Go offers interesting peeks into his life left . . . disturbed.

"complete with a wonderfully on-point score from Evan Joseph and Luke Schwartz, is yet another multi-layered look at the apocalypse by way of human emotions"


With only a bowling alley and a pitching machine on a baseball diamond to interact with, Adam supplants his loneliness with routine.  Something has happened to cause this shift.  We just don’t know what it is and the movie, with great usage of sound and thematic elements, draws us in to the slow burn that is the truth.  We want to know!  I mean, how exactly does an already socially awkward man make an entire population - which includes K (Olivia Luccardi) a woman who he is interested in - simply disappear off the face of the earth?  And, yes, this includes you and me.

With flashbacks sprinkled throughout, Go/Don’t Go sets up a melancholy look at a familiar end of the world scenario.  We get movies like this from time to time.  Here lately, though, there have been a lot of glimpses into an unsettling future where dystopia serves in place of dysfunction.  Go/Don’t Go, complete with a wonderfully on-point score from Evan Joseph and Luke Schwartz, is yet another multi-layered look at the apocalypse by way of human emotions.Go/Don't Go

It’s fair to say that the Covid-19 pandemic might have been at the root of this story.  Whether or not that is true or not only makes for a story that is absolutely LIT with modern day implications as Adam struggles to survive and thrive in a rural setting.  Haunting and emotionally on target, Go/Don’t Go is thematically locked and loaded with a great many memorable scenes that are sure to catch fire in your own David Lynch-like psyche.  

Go/Don’t Go is a classic meditation on determination in the face of psychological barriers.  From paranoia to our own personal journey into the very heart of our own darkness, the film delivers on the promise of its themes as introspection reigns supreme and the zombie apocalypse side-stepped here.  The future is much more complicated than a simple quest and thirst for brains.  Much like A Quiet Place before it, Go/Don’t Go aims for the unseen in quiet rooms and the intensity only found on low, lonely roads.  

Go/Don’t Go will be released by Gravitas Ventures on January 12th on all streaming platforms.

4/5 stars

Go/Don't Go


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Go/Don't Go

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
95 mins
: Alex Knapp
Alex Knapp
Alex Knapp, Olivia Luccardi, Nore Davis
: Sci-fi | Thriller

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Gravitas Ventures
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February 1, 2020
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Synopsis: Caught between a lost love story and inescapable paranoia, "Go / Don't Go" is a genre-bending slow burn thriller that follows Adam, a wallflower who happens to be the last person left alive-or so he thinks.

Go/Don't Go

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