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The Facility

Sometimes it is best to leave the unknown alone . . . or the head-bandaged monsters will get ya!

Written and directed by The Rizen’s Matt Mitchell, The Facility continues the story at the center of the aforementioned film and takes aim at those secret, occult experiments conducted by NATO and the Allied Forces as a way to secure their interests in the Arms Race with a group of young adults.  This film, while working with those story elements from 1955, is absolutely crackers when it comes to what is almost unleashed upon the world . . . again!

"There BE MONSTER HERE and they come in all shapes and humanoid sizes as innards are ripped out of stomachs and mutant spiders bite hands"

Blood! Boobs!  And some pretty fast-happening plot points follow as a group of young explorers enter an unnamed facility.  The building, looking no more than a rundown shed in the middle of nowhere, hides a dark and disturbing series of secrets as its the secret bunker from the first film in this Silent Hill-meets-Overlord genre mash-up. 

And these young adults find themselves at odds with a private military unit also looking for the arcane powers, that is the secret work conducted 60-years ago, and both their exploits threaten to unleash what never should have been disturbed in the first place.The Facility

Some doors should stay locked and tucked away from the rest of the world, you know?  

Although, this door and its contents, which features surprising narration from Adrian Edmondson (Vyvyan from The Young Ones) and an appearance by Sally Phillips from Bridget Jones' Diary as the leader of the secret army, can be unexpectedly rewarding.  

Originally titled The Rizen: Possession, The Facility serves as a sequel to what came before while being somewhat of a new beginning for the uninitiated.  Fair warning, though.  There BE MONSTER HERE and they come in all shapes and humanoid sizes as innards are ripped out of stomachs and mutant spiders bite hands - which need to be chopped off - as a harbinger for things to come down in this underground bunker of terrors.

Starring Harriet Madeley, Michael Fatogun, Sarine Sofair, Kevin Leslie, Sophie Miller, Marcus Bronzy, James Barnes, Lewis Saunderson, Clarice Burton, Connor Williams, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Stephen Marcus, Laurence Kennedy, Jenny Lathan, and Carol Cleveland, The Facility makes for some super quick science fiction horror courtesy of some head-bandaged hooligans and provides enough atmosphere (thanks to its filming location at a real and secret nuclear bunker) to get a dirty job done.

The Facility is now on VOD, Digital, and DVD thanks to Uncork’d Entertainment.  Bring your own gauze as these wounds are going to bleed for a long, long time. 

3/5 stars

The Facility


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The Facility

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90 mins
: Matt Mitchell
Matt Mitchell
Julian Rhind-Tutt, Sally Phillips, Adrian Edmondson
: Horror
The government made them. 60 years later they've escaped.
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Uncork'd Entertainment
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December 8, 2020
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December 8, 2020.
Synopsis: In 1955, NATO and the Allied Forces conducted secret, occult experiments in a bid to win the Arms Race. They succeeded, but what they unleashed almost tore our world apart. Now a group of young urban explorers and a private military unit could become the final pieces in a 60-year plan to reopen a door that should have stayed closed.

The Facility

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