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Eternal Code

Science Fiction has a long history of being morality tales.  These far-fetched stories have a lot to say and they carry conscious weight to them, no matter their medium.  From the minutes ticking by in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to the pages of H.G. Wells, there are a lot of future frustrations contained within their masses.  Consequences rain down as a result, too. 

"a movie where moral and ethical codes are broken and twisted to serve the self interests of the rich and the wealthy"

Sometimes these tales, cloaked in their sleekness and their wicked imaginations, work and sometimes, when the balance is off, they don’t.  Eternal Code is a low budget movie that feels a bit convoluted when it comes to its many characters, but the film’s overall handling of thriller angles and action sequences makes up for those overly-padded weaknesses

Writer/director Harley Wallen’s Eternal Code might have some issues with its execution and its editing (requiring just a few tweaks), but the film is a digestible medical thriller due to its commitment to providing audiences with plenty of science fiction suspense, deadly action, and unforeseen twists as a morality tale turns threatening with kidnapping plots and dialectal struggles of intent.  

Eternal Code is a movie where moral and ethical codes are broken and twisted to serve the self interests of the rich and the wealthy and the repercussions which rain down from the heavens when one homeless veteran has had enough of the bullshit and takes action.  It's an uncomplicated social allegory, but - fitting solely in a B-grade cinematic slot - there’s a lot to unpack and process.Eternal Code

Starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Richard Tyson, Billy Wirth, Vida Ghaffari, Colleen Gentry, Damien Chinappi, and Erika Hoveland as the lead inventor, Eternal Code is about the awakening that occurs when Bridget (Hoveland, Before I Wake) discovers that her partnering company and its boss, Oliver (Tyson, Death Kiss, Black Hawk Down), want to take her Fountain of Youth-type discovery and use it for all the wrong reasons.  The selfish lead the blind, you know?  Even her husband (Wirth, Body Snatchers, War Party) has been roped into the situation to try and convince her of the error of her thinking, but Bridget isn’t budging.  Something is very wrong with their intentions and she wants none of it.

Across town, a homeless war veteran Corey (Chinappi) with a gun in his mouth takes up the cause of a prostitute (Kaiti Wallen) and, because no one can see the future, they eventually wind up going toe-to-toe with a bunch of criminals, Sam (Harley Wallen) and Charlie (Taylor-Compton, Halloween, Randy’s Canvas), when Bridget’s boss decides to kidnap her daughter, Miranda (Cama), in order to get her to comply with the company’s wishes regarding the use of her invention.   

Fates collide and consequences are weighed as a former soldier finds himself with another duty to fulfill.  That’s one interpretation of the film’s namesake.  The other is for the revolutionary invention itself.  Both work to serve this science fiction flick with purpose as some unexpected action beats take center stage with solid results.  As a medical thriller with a science fiction angle, Eternal Code delivers the goods.

Co-starring Mel Novak (Tales of Frankenstein, An Hour To Kill) and Yan Birch (The People Under The Stairs, Terror Tales), Eternal Code is now available on digital thanks to Vision Films.

3/5 stars

Eternal Code


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Eternal Code

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Harley Wallen
Harley Wallen
Richard Tyson, Scout Taylor-Compton, Billy Wirth
: Action | Crime
Would you kill to live forever?
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Vision Films
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Release Date:
September 6, 2019
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Synopsis: This film is about a genetic research company that has developed a miracle device to sustain human life for the rich and powerful therein breaking all moral and ethical codes. When the company’s CEO (Hoveland) refuses to approve these illegal methods, she and her husband (Wirth) are kidnapped by a team of mercenaries (Taylor-Compton, Harley Wallen, Hagedorn) hired by Oliver (Tyson) to keep them out of the way. Fearing for her parents’ lives, their teenage daughter (Cama) must develop an unlikely ally (Chinappi) to save her parents from those who would kill to live forever. 

Eternal Code

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