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Tales From Six Feet Under

Weird as shit, but original.  That line of dialogue from writer/director Nicholas Michael Jacobs’ latest film, Tales from Six Feet Under, is probably the best way to describe this 45-minute excursion into anthology horror.  Both fun and frightful, this film brings the guts and the gusto when it comes to low budget horror.

In the day and age of social distancing, Tales from Six Feet Under is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.

"These three tales, filmed in digital black-and-white, are moody and, at times, wonderfully warped."

Creepy and weirdly fascinating (thanks, in part, to an absolutely KILLER electronic score that practically melds as one with the photography), our guide through a pretty bizarre night is none other than a being called The Visitor.  Designed by Mark Krivy, this creature walks us by the graves of three people on a cold night of desolation. He offers no comfort, only a promise that we will be entertained by their tales of terror on the nights they died.

Broken into three parts (Joe Roth 2000 - 2017, Sam Hooper 1998 - 2017, and Jennifer Burton 1998 - 2019), Tales from Six Feet Under documents the demise of three extremely unlucky people.  We begin our tour through tragedy with Joe (Brian Jacobs) who is “hard” at work cleaning a basement. What he uncovers in all the rubble and junk is something he can’t leave alone. It is far too tempting and, yes, it will be his undoing . . . especially when he lights the candles. {googleads}

The second story involves an amateur director (played by Nicholas Michael Jacobs), a wooden dummy with a mind of its own once attached to the director’s hand, and an easy target as a killers’ murders keep getting closer and closer.  Short on ideas on how to finish his film, this filmmaker learns rather quickly about the mother of invention.  And the third narrative, focusing on a girl (Alexis Beacher), her phone, and a bunch of texts that lead to her untimely death on her birthday, brings our walk with The Visitor to its close. With each story, he places a flower on their grave.  His calling card it seems and we are left colder and colder.  This is a night and a collection of stories with no comfort.

These three tales, filmed in digital black-and-white, are moody and, at times, wonderfully warped.  The DIY spirit of low budget shooting means that imaginations are keyed-in and Jacobs, once again, delivers three tales full of great practical effects as their atmospheric haunts prepare us for their twisted visions.  The Visitor, also performed by Jacobs, is both maniacal and moody, striking fear into our hearts from the get-go. That chuckle. Those footsteps. Damn. The chill is in the air and down your neck on this night in Philadelphia.Tales From Six Feet Under

Almost a year has passed since I reviewed Jacobs’ Night, a 60-minute POV film which remains housed in my memory due to its unsettling nature.  Tales from Six Feet Under, while a tad lighter in spirits thanks to The Visitor’s presence and its structure, carries that same DIY spirit when it comes to horror and, truly, Jacobs and his co-conspirators are to be commended.  Thanks to their collective efforts, the creep factor in this horror anthology is high.

Tales from Six Feet Under arrives on VOD through Amazon Prime on April 15.  I can think of no better way to spend your quarantine than with these three tales of madness.  Enjoy your walk with The Visitor.  Just don't let him hold your hand!

3/5 stars

Tales From Six Feet Under


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Tales From Six Feet Under

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
45 mins
: Nicholas Michael Jacobs
Nicholas Michael Jacobs
Nicholas Michael Jacobs, Alexis Beacher, Gianna Jacobs
: Comedy | Horror
It's 45 Minutes From Beyond The Grave!
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April 15, 2020
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Synopsis: Follow the Visitor as he walks through the graveyard and find out how these extremely unlucky people ended up six feet under.


Tales From Six Feet Under

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