Tarantino Beats Expectations While Disney's LION KING Remains on Top of Weekend Box Office

 The Lion King (2019)

Quintin Tarantino's love letter to old Hollywood, Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood beat expectations over the the weekend by posting a $40.3 million opening draw. The film represents the director's largest opening ever, topping Inglorious Basterds' $38 million back in 2009, and was expected to bring in around $30 million.

However, Disney's The Lion King remained on top for the second week in a row, by adding another $75.5 million which was a significant drop (61%) from week one. The Lion King's total now sits at a whopping $344 million after just two weeks. {googleads}

Dropping once slot in its 4th week of release is Spider-man: Far From Home which made another $12.2 million to bring its total to nearly $400 million.

The Awkwafina-led, Lulu Wang-directed comedy/drama film The Farewell made a significant jump this week, moving into the top ten for the first time from the number twelve slot. The film has clearly found some legs and subsequently brought in $1.5 million in its third week of release while playing to only 135 theaters. Quite impressive!

Disney's Toy Story 4 remained strong over the weekend by posting another $10 million while the company's Aladdin remake remained in the seven slot with a $2.7 million take.

Here are the weekend Box Office Results for July 26 - 28, 2019:

Title Weekend Total Last Week
1. The Lion King (2019)
$75,500,000 $350,000,000 1
2. Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
$40,300,000 $40,300,000 N
3: Spider-Man: Far From Home
$12,200,000 $344,400,000 2
4. Toy Story 4
$9,800,000 $395,600,000 3
5. Crawl
$4,000,000 $31,400,000 4
6. Yesterday
$3,000,000 $63,300,000 5
7. Aladdin (2019)
$2,800,000 $345,900,000 7
8. Stuber
$1,600,000 $20,100,000 6
9. Annabelle Comes Home
$1,500,000 $69,700,000 8
10. The Farewell 
$1,500,000 $3,600,000 12