MacReady's 2600: The Year We Make Music - Music Review

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Macready 2600 - Music Review

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2600 is an expedition to the deepest reaches of space and time in search for past glory days that may not even exist. Does this leave the future destined for dystopia, or will a shred of hope be found at the end of this journey?

Macready 2600 - Music Review

With that posed question, the second voyage of MacReady begins.  This producing duo hail from Los Angeles, but they might as well be living on Enceladus, the brightest moon of Saturn, and skating across its south pole. That is how COSMIC and SMOOTH their synthwave sounds are.  On their latest EP, 2600, we get four tracks that deliver on the promise of discovery hinted at by their written opening.

Begin ignition sequence and standby.  Module 2600 has been activated!

As if plucked randomly from space itself comes the opening notes of “Night Driver”, a foundational statement that kicks this release off with a gnarly sense of joy and wonder. We are indeed travelling through the stars here. Just listen to that guitar shred after the minute mark and try not to grin. There is a rich geyser of medley bubbling up and out of the speakers here.  With sounds as soul stirring as this, that epic spray of galactic sound MUST be visible from space.

"The future of space and sound exploration is bright with MacReady at the helm. Pick up 2600 now and prepare for the year we make music."

We dig even deeper with the electronic fuzz of “Solaris”, where even the keys sound as if they are melting as the song takes form.  It is the sensation of a sunburn; that’s what comes to mind here.  Or is it the heavenly glow from the video arcade?  Either way, we are Kid Icarus (for all you NES fans) in our travels thanks to this song and, due to that grounding guitar, we come crashing down to the vertical-scrolling surface ready to point and shoot and point and shoot all over again. 

But, yeah, I totally dig the synth fades on display here.  The retro style is strong with this track.  And the chugging of the guitar brings the right amount of weight to keep us at safe distance from the sun’s harming rays.

The gaming stage through the cosmos continue with “Tempest” and we are more than ready as the “Axel F” sounding synth and baselines kick with a very Jup-8 feel to them; that’s how deadly (and on point) the echoic chord stabs are here.  The sonic-charged good times are all around us.

This song, a favorite of mine, will rotate your spine as it kicks your ass.  It is so jammed with slick intergalactic comings and goings that it shimmers fiercely as if holding its own through the chaos of swirling storms in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.  That greasy guitar does double-time here, framing a finale that is stunning and every bit worthy of my Harold Faltermeyer comparisons.  {googleads}

With the final track, the sprawling “Yar’s Revenge”, fans get one last healthy mix of synth elements.  It is yet another product of electronic potpourri and, yes, it smells just as sweet.  From handclaps to synth stylings that feel oh so very “True Blue” that even Madge would approve of just where this song is heading, this track brings us back home, keeping us excited for MacReady’s next trip round the stars. 

And, as it ends on a piano solo that spirals out into the distance from a quiet sort of home base, we can only guess where these two artists are headed.  They won’t be stationary for long.

The future of space and sound exploration is bright with MacReady at the helm.  Pick up 2600 now and prepare for the year we make music.

Macready 2600 - Music Review


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