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Braddock, Pennsylvania. A young man, sensitive to the sunlight, has moved to the neighborhood. This is an idyllic area of this blue-collar town. Children play in fenced-in yards. Families picnic on the weekend. Sundays are honored with church attendance. And, on Monday, the adults go to work in order to provide for their families.

It is 1978 and, while things are far from perfect, this way of life is sustainable.

But the young man at the center of this tale does not fit in here. He likes dresses well, yes, but it’s only to disguise what he truly is. A monster. The sharpest of things attract him; he doesn’t enjoy baseball like the rest of the kids. He's not one for noise. He likes razor blades and cutting things to watch them bleed.

And he has an incredible thirst for blood, blood, and more blood.

DREDDD Black Goat Pt 2

You see, (let’s call him) Martin believes himself to be a vampire. He also believes himself to be 84-years-old and unstoppable. Without fangs, he is neither. The truth is that Martin, while good at causing fear and pain in the women he stalks, is one of the growing number of the disturbed…

…and DREDDD’s Black Goat Part 2 is their soundtrack.

Be warned, kiddos, and be afraid. The monsters among you (of which I am one) just got their anthems with which to do all you pathetic "normies" out there harm by.  Thanks to this release, our knives AND our teeth are sharpened to a VERY deadly point.

Be warned, kiddos, and be afraid. The monsters among you (of which I am one) just got their anthems with which to do all you pathetic "normies" out there harm by

 Something truly awesome happened last night. DREDDD’s latest album, Black Goat Part 2, dropped early. That’s right, what was supposed to happen at the end of the month arrived to make ears (and salivating mouths!!!) happy with some of the sickest synths and darkwave songs around. Released before even the final cover art has been included, this collection stands on its own; it is THAT good.

It’s like (BLACK) Christmas arrived early and I couldn’t be happier about the audio insanity that has been unleashed. This entire review was supposed to happen later, but I am so inspired by the FOURTEEN tracks on this truly cinematic release – and so charged up under this dark maestro's spell – that I can’t help but pound out a review, while listening with the release on repeat, this morning.

DREDDD Black Goat Pt 2

DREDDD’s release, part two of a planned quadrilogy of Black Goat titles, is a certified auditory trashterpiece of grime and slinky synthesized filth, sweat, AND soul. The beats hit hard and the melodies hit even harder; this IS the Destroyer of Worlds. The honest soul of this release – and, yes, there is one – will leave you gasping for air as your sweaty palms struggle to find secure grip. Its dynamic rotation of all things heavy, heady and heartfelt in the realm of compressed synths, is the reason I started the review out with the re-purposing of writer/director George A. Romero’s cult classic, Martin. The tracks laid out here could be Martin’s soundtrack; it hits all the perfect tones to lay rubble to the myth of suburbia.

DREDDD’s latest release – clocking in at nearly 60 minutes of two defiant fists in the air mania – will, as track 3 suggests, make you feel all sorts of dread.  And, once you commit to a listen, there’s no way you stop until the very last note of the ultra-moody “Bastard” creaks out of its grave to face the new dawn that singes its very skin.  Eat your heart out, John Bender. We have both fists held over our heads as this film closes!

DREDDD Black Goat Pt 2

Black Goat Part 2 needs no introductions.  Handshakes are thrown out the window. The immediate discomfort of its metallic sounds demands YOU adjust to ITS message; that’s how powerful of an impact it has. The release, with pounding percussion, gets diRRRty really quick; starting with the headbanging mighty metal of “Eraser” and soldiers on to fry your brain cells with the hyperactive hypnosis of “Turbo Lightning” before creeping its way into your very soul with the all-too (snare)ness in “You Will Feel Dread”. 


And then “Blood Feud” with its eerie horror-like breaks achieves the impossible by bursts speakers and eardrums. Seriously. If your very soul isn’t shrieking alongside the residents of Haddonfield, Illinois as The Bogeyman stares down Halloween night then you just might already be a resident in Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

Things don’t settle down into a mellow sunset (or sunrise) until the total feels of “A Little Bit More” washes over us.  That track is a might reminder of DREDDD's ability to bring us to moods made nostalgic.  Thankfully, he doesn't overuse it and keeps his listeners on their toes.  What more could we want, DREDDD? With emotions as wild and as all-consuming as this release, you’ll be lucky to get to the final track with your…




What follows this momentary lapse of treason is the filtered synth testimony of “The Results Are In” as what feels like the night of The Purge rains down upon us. And then the madness really kicks in with the aggressive pulses of “Smoked Out” and the paranoia of “The Sound” as we doubt even the noises reverberating in our skulls. With the dark danger of “Breaker”, the morbidity of “I Just Did”, and the washed-out transic tones of “Without Hope” there is a word for this release: epic.

With two more releases planned from DREDDD, there is no denying that 2018 will be the year of the BLACK GOAT. Buy your copy and "Get Wrecked" tonight.

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