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Watch First Trailer for Ron Howard's RUSH

First trailer for Ron Howard's Rush"The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel."

It's been quite a while since Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard has done anything from behind the camera. Edit: It's been quite a while since Ron Howard has done anything good from behind the camera. If, like us, you prefer to forget that 2011's The Dilemma ever happened, then moving on to his next film is certainly a good idea.

His next, called Rush is a biopic (a genre in which Howard typically excels) about Austrian Formula 1 race car driver Niki Lauda who nearly died in a fiery crash when his car burst into flames after a collision during a race in Germany. Lauda, who was wearing a modified helmet that malfunctioned, suffered extensive scarring from the burns to his head, including the loss of most of an ear and hair, as well as his eyebrows and eyelids.

The story, by Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon), gets its inspiration from the fact that Lauda returned to the racing circuit a mere six weeks after suffering life-threatening burns in the accident. The movie stars Daniel Bruhl as Lauda and Chris Hemsworth as his racing rival James Hunt. The trailer was just made available on the net and we have it for you to watch below.

Rush zooms into theaters in Great Britain on September 13 , and in U.S a week later on September 20.

Watch the trailer for Rush below:

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