Movies to Look Out for in 2013

Movies coming in 2013

2012 saw the silver screen with sequels and remakes of superhero films, film adaptations of best-selling novels, and end-of-the-world stories. The Mayan Apocalypse trend also had its impact on the movie industry, lending the concept of time running out, and horrific images of the world getting destroyed that make up for a spectacular viewing experience, so we can just imagine the slew of apocalypse-themed movies in the past years. Apparently the world hasn’t ended as rumored, so comes the inevitable – more sequels and remakes!

Fortunately, 2013 also introduces new faces and brings familiar ones back. Young actors will return more mature, and a new generation of potential classics and serious artists will emerge. We may have survived the Twilight Saga, but the Supernatural Romances don’t end there too. Zombies, world destruction, and biological warfare will continue to reign the screen, but not without a few new interesting stories here and there:

We will continue to see some titular movies getting done and re-done. Therefore, better make up and special effects especially in sci-fi and fantasy films. Now we can only hope they don’t fall short of quality plot and acting:

Remember those movies with interesting outtakes, open-ended endings, or have left the audience with mouths hanging? The answers may be here. 2013 will be a passageway to the middle of most trilogies and series, with some serving as prequels and introductions to the films we’ve just seen (and we can expect them to continue until 2014):

2013 looks mainly an extension of the films of 2012 and before. Nonetheless, it will keep the silver screen buffs with a busy schedule and the year-long movie marathon goes on.

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