List of the Best Movies of 2012

Best Films of 2012

As the curtain comes to a close on the 2012 movie season, it's time to not only marvel at the year that featured an unprecedented share of history-making blockbusters and budget-busting bombs, but also a time to look over a list of the best films this spectacular year had to offer.

Please keep in mind, these aren't necessarily our picks for Oscar consideration (nor are they the ones we hope will win) but rather a list of the films that blew our skirts up in 2012. Enjoy!

List of the best movies of 2012, in no particular order:

And let's not forget the less well-endowed films of the year that either failed to find an audience, were mostly misunderstood, or were just plain bad.  Here's our list of the worst movies of 2012, in no particular order:

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