Watch a Dognapping Plan Go Awry in SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS Trailer

Seven Psychopaths First TrailerA deranged dog-napping scheme is at the center of the plot of a new film by In Bruges filmmaker Martin McDonaugh called Seven Psychopaths that features a cast studded with such stars as Colin Farrell, Abbie Cornish, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson and Christopher Walken. The first trailer for the film was recently released and you can watch it below.

With the aid of a bullet-point rundown of each of the seven titular crazies (also included on the film's posters shown below) and how they are featured in the wild plot we learn that an emboldened dog-napping heist goes awry when Billy (Rockwell) and his partner (Walken) unknowingly abduct a Shih Tzu that just happens to be the beloved pet of a crazed gangster played by Woody Harrelson. And that gangster will do anything to get his pooch back.

Alert viewers may notice visual style similarities to Shane Black's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or even any number of Tarantino films. That's because McDonaugh has self-admittedly made a film that is a self-reflection of the process screenwriters go through when producing original content. In other words, it's no accident that the hot girlfriend is played by Bond hottie Olga Kurylenko who we first met in Quantum of Solace. If you were writing a screenplay, wouldn't you incorporate a Bond girl into your fantasy?

Also making appearances in Seven Psychopaths are Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) as the dog-walker from whom the prized pooch is purloined, and Tom Waits made up as a creepy old bunny-hugging loner.

Seven Psycopaths is set to open in U.S. theaters on october 12, 2012.

Seven Psychopaths First Trailer

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