BADass SINema Unearthed - Blu-ray Review

Mel Gibson Choosing Vikings over Guns

Mel GibsonToday, everyone's favorite Hollywood hatemonger Mel Gibson announced that he has no plans to star in the highly not-anticipated Lethal Weapon 5. The former wild man Martin Riggs will not be appearing in the fifth installment in the long running (?) but also long gestating franchise because he'd rather focus his attention on a pet project (another one) about Vikings called Berserker.

While praising Danny Glover (who's probably too old for this $h*t anyway), Gibson went on to explain his plans for his Viking film. After talking to actors and trying his best to blot out the failure of Apocalypto, Gibson plans to move forward with the project. The project, which has no set development just yet, would follow in the same vein of Gibson's previous films - excessive gore, small plot, beautiful set pieces, and a "message" - but with his current status in Hollywood it's hard to see anyone trying to take a risk on him right now. He's slowly making a comeback but Hollywood hates haters, especially ones that make them look bad.

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