Those ever-persistent rumors of the rise of a second Beetlejuice movie have come to life once again, as we're getting a fresh round of news bites from an interview with Tim Burton in which the iconic director has finally addressed the project verbally.

We reported last fall of resurfacing rumors that Warner Bros. was seriously courting the ghost with the most for another film project from the pen of Dark Shadows and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter scribe Seth Grahame-Smith, but this most recent interview with is the first time we've seen Burton speak of the project with any amount of fondness or enthusiasm. But then again, his wavering indecisiveness and seeming desire to move on from the discussion topic, leave a great big exit hole through which to throw dirt on the entire thing again. So take from it what you will.

Says Burton in the interview:

"Seth is writing something, so we'll see. I love the character but I want to just kind of look at it from a fresh perspective and see what he comes up with. That’s like one of my favorite characters I've ever dealt with. (Michael) is one of the first people I worked with who was so good at improv. That movie, I was very lucky to work with a lot of actors, like him and Catherine O'Hara, who were very good at improv, so that kind of set me on a whole new course. I would love to revisit that character at some point."

Hard to tell from his comments if he really has the desire to direct the film himself, but sounds like that he indeed would like to see Burton don the striped suit if this thing ever gets off the ground. Naturally, all is resting on Grahame-Smith's pen.

We're quite hesitant to endorse this project as Hollywood needs a swift kick in the direction away from sequels, prequels, and reboots - not to mention our reluctance to see the film's untarnished reputation become sullied by a catchpenny script. But with Burton in the chair, Keaton in the fright wig, and a solid new direction to explore, Beetlejuice fans would have a whole new reason to call in the "bio-exorcist" once again.