Normally, any news coming from a movie studio not directly related to the release of a new movie, or the signing of a new deal goes mostly unnoticed and certainly unreported. Especially any news about the studio itself. However it's certainly newsworthy when a Hollywood movie studio has been making movies for 100 years. And that's exactly the case with Paramount Pictures, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary of making films this month.

In addition to a new logo that sports the 100 years tagline, the studio is commemorating the anniversary with a fabulous poster - commissioned by Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles - that celebrates the studio's rich and iconic collection of films.

The graphic is a very nicely designed piece with minimalist depictions of the some of the studio's most memorable films such as The Godfather, Saturday Night Fever and, of course, Wings which won the very first Oscar for Best Picture back in 1929.

Though not available to the general public (apparently the posters were only given to Paramount employees, but just wait a few days and they'll be available on eBay), we have this medium resolution version of the poster below which can serve as a fun challenge for the cinephiles out there who may want to see how many of the films they can notice.

See how well you can do by posting your answers in the discussion below this article.

(Click on poster for larger version)

Paramount Pictures 100th Anniversary Poster