The Host - Movie TrailerHoping to capitalize on the hordes of young teens that'll be swarming about the cineplex this weekend with the opening of The Hunger Games, Open Road films has released a trailer for The Host which is another adaptation from a novel by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer.

The studio didn't let the fact that principal photography for the film has just recently begun get in the way, and it shows in the trailer which features no real footage from the film, but does announce a rather spooky presence.

The film is a science-fiction tale set in a futuristic dystopian society that features an alien invader of some sort called The Wanderer that takes over the soul of the film's young heroine played by Saoirse Ronan, with the intention of having her help locate the whereabouts of those who've survived the apocalypse.

The Host is directed by Andrew Niccol who most recently struck out with another sci-fi film, In Time but has some pretty good previous efforts to his name in Gattaca and S1mone. With The Host, Niccol will be working with Diane Kruger, Jake Abel, William Hurt, Frances Fisher and Max Irons.

You can watch the trailer below or head over to Yahoo! movies to see it in hi-def.