Leprechaun franchise reboot

Just in time to erin go a little braugh, Lionsgate and WWE (yes, that's the wrestling outfit) recently announced a movie production deal to share costs on a pair of movies, one of which is said to be a reboot of the Leprechaun franchise.

Though we need a relaunch of this line like St. Patty's day revelers need more green beer, Variety says that WWE sees the venture as a great way to tap into its huge male fan base. And with the two entities splitting production and marketing costs, the lure of a cheap buck is too tempting to pass up. The 1993 horror flick from writer/director Mark Jones has already spawned no fewer than five sequels, four of which went straight to the shelves of your local rental outlet, so what's one more gonna hurt, right?

No writer, director, or cast has yet been attached to the project which promises a modern-day spin on the material. While one of Leprechaun's most significant claims to fame is the launch of Jennifer Aniston's career, don't expect WWE's fledgling film entity to break the bank on snapping up a big name star. But it's not out of the realm of possibilities that it would insert a WWE wrestler into the mix as Kane was featured as the villain in See No Evil, and Stone Cold Steve Austin was in The Condemned, both  previous joint ventures by the two companies. And we wouldn't be surprised if a much-matured Aniston were to magically appear in a cameo role in the Leprechaun reboot.

Though no exact date has yet been set, the Leprechaun project is said to be hunting for for a 2013 release. No details of the second film in the two-pic deal have been determined.