Kathryn BigelowThe Hurt Locker writer, Mark Boal, must be the luckiest guy around. His journalism background and access to military intelligence led him to begin working, several years ago, on a screenplay about a military team that had been hunting for Osama bin Laden. It turns out that the unit Boal was shadowing while researching his story is the exact group of operatives that found and killed the Al-Qaida leader last Sunday.

Variety reports that the Hurt Locker writer isn't yet finished with the script, but now that the ending has been squarely laid out, his screenplay will definitely include the 40-minute firefight that ended at the bin Laden compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The project, tentatively titled Kill Bin Laden, is still scheduled to begin lensing this summer - with Kathryn Bigelow at the helm - despite a bevy of pre-production disruptions caused by the recent events that have resulted in some Afghanistan location scouting trips to be cancelled.

Casting for the film is in initial stages, but the big guns won't be pulled out pending the completion of the script that includes the re-worked ending. 24 Frames is reporting that Animal Kingdom's Joel Edgerton will play one of the commandos.

Though this film was already in the works long before last week's stunning events unfolded, there will certainly be somewhat of a backlash from folks seeing it as a quick way to capitalize on the big news. Probably won't matter much though as the first out of the chute is always the best position to be in. And we already know what this Boal/Bigelow team can do.