Ryan Gosling as The Lone RangerIt's still in speculation mode and a lot of details are yet to be worked out, but initial reports have Ryan Gosling in talks to mount a trusty steed named Silver in Disney's upcoming Lone Ranger feature film.

Pirates of the Caribbean director, Gore Verbinski is already on board to direct the film as is Johnny Depp to portray the masked hero's kemosabe, Tonto.

We've known of Verbinski and Depp's involvement in the project for some time now, but things seem to be rolling along quickly as The Wrap is now dropping word about Oscar-nominee Ryan Gosling's connection. A couple of items are causing some reasons to wonder about the latest proclamation however as Gosling is already committed as the lead in the forthcoming Logan's Run remake which Warner claims will begin filming later this year. But since Disney is looking at a 2014 release for Lone Ranger, it's still possible Gosling could commit to the project now and slide on over after his work on Logan's Run is finished.

We're not to expect a straight-forward telling of the Lone Ranger's story however as Verbinski has gone on the record with a somewhat off-beat approach: "We're not going to do it [straight], everyone knows that story. I don’t want to tell that story. I want the version from the untrustworthy narrator who might be a little crazy — but somehow the question is, is he crazy or is the world crazy? That, I find fascinating."

So there you have it. American Old West lovers may not get it, and Lone Ranger purists most assuredly already have it checked off in the "loss" column, but we're going to give this thing a chance as we've yet to see Gosling turn in a poor performance. Verbinski is definitely the X factor though. What do you think?