Warrior - Movie TrailerDidn't we expect the success of last year's The Fighter to inspire more sports movies? Even though Gavin O'Connor's rags-to-riches mixed martial arts action/drama was filmed back in 2009 (well before The Fighter made such a fuss last Fall), it's no surprise that Lionsgate is hoping to ride the wave of sports inspiration to success for its Warrior, starring Nick Nolte, Tom Hardy, Jennifer Morrison, and Joel Edgerton.

Speaking of riding waves of success, since filming Warrior, Tom Hardy has enjoyed a recent fame jolt from his turn as Eames in last year's Inception and the announcement that he'll play Bane in Christopher Nolan's forthcoming The Dark Knight Rises.

Film Synopsis: The youngest son (Hardy) of an alcoholic former boxer (Nick Nolte) returns home, where he's trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament -- a path that puts the fighter on a collision corner with his older brother (Joel Edgerton).

The first trailer for Gavin O'Connor's Warrior just appeared over at Apple but you can also see it below.