Disney moving forward with Tron sequelThough its nearly $400 million worldwide haul came up a bit short of expectations, Disney has begun work on a sequel to Tron: Legacy.

Rumors of a third installment had already begun surfacing as early as eight month before the release of Legacy last fall, and now Deadline is confirming that Legacy director, Joseph Kosinski is again putting together the story with co-writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

With a budget of $170 million and a marketing blitz at least that high, it's safe to say that at best, Tron: Legacy broke even, so, it is a bit unusual that they're moving forward with a sequel. But Disney is likely looking at the staggering $400 million gross and figuring that with its high DVD pre-sales, it can make a profit from a sequel somehow.

And we tend to agree. With a gross that high (including a $44 million opening weekend), it's clear folks came out to see it, so surely there's money to be made in there somewhere. Especially considering the next version will have a better chance at capitalizing on a built-in audience.