Super 8 Secret SiteWhile watching the entire trailer to J.J. Abrams' mysterious sci-fi film, Super 8 last Friday morning, you probably didn't stay with the closing credits long enough to see the single frames that flashed a hidden message. Even those who did watch it to the end still probably missed the subliminal messaging.

But some web trailer super-sleuths did see it, and they found out the hidden message is actually a website address that leads to a viral site called the editing room.

While there's not much there now, we expect that over the coming days/weeks, more and more bits and pieces will be added to create either a new trailer or a new clip which will reveal more about the film that has been kept under air-tight secrecy since its inception.

If you click the projector, the film strip begins playing with the message "clip missing" so there's obviously going to be a lot more coming. But there are a couple of little tidbits included, like scientists saying "exposing the craft to a barrage of…," showing the date of September 19, 1962, and something about the creatures' biological attributes. Not much here now, but keep an eye on it.

Now this is how viral marketing is done! Bravo!

Super 8 Secret Site

Super 8 Secret Site