Today was Super 8 day. Paramount threw its Facebook "friends" a bone earlier this morning when it posted the official synopsis of the forthcoming Spielberg/Abrams sci-fi collaboration, Super 8 on its Facebook fan page. Everything about the film has been kept a tightly guarded secret throughout production leading to a healthy anticipation of what the Star Trek and Lost director had up his sleeve with this seemingly nostalgic little film.

The company then released the Super 8's first official full trailer that revealed a few more bits and pieces of the film's plot and even teased the nature of the creature.

Then, this afternoon Apple unveiled the official Super 8 teaser poster that puts a unique spin on teaser posters. The imagery is rotated at a 90-degree angle apparently playing off the idea that it is a photo taken with a camera laying on its side... just like the one that is toppled over during the train crash in the trailer. Clever.

Check it out for yourself below:

Super 8 teaser Poster

And if you missed the trailer earlier, here it is: