Diane Lane as Superman's adoptive motherWord is coming down that the owner of the quivering tummy in Unfaithful will be Superman's Mom. THR is reporting that the lovely Diane Lane has been cast in Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot, Superman: Man of Steel as Martha Kent, "the only mother Clark Kent has ever known."

Last month we reported that Kevin Costner was "a person of interest" for a role in the film, and supposition has it that he will be Jonathan Kent, husband of Martha and father to adopted Ka-El. The Costner signing hasn't yet become official, nor has the buzz that Viggo Mortensen is in Snyder's sights to depict General Zod, however.

But we do now know that Lane will star with Henry Cavill, who was named Brandon Routh's successor to the Clark Kent/Superman throne back in January. So, officially, we only have Lane and Cavill on the docket, but sounds like this is coming together quite nicely and we must give a solid thumbs up to a Diane Lane and Kevin Costner mommy/daddy sandwich. Supes could only be so lucky.

Things are beginning to move quickly on the Snyder/Superman front, so stay tuned for more!

Diane Lane will be Superman's Mom