Insidious Offical Movie Poster one-sheetLast week, Film District released the first official trailer for James Wan's forthcoming haunted house thriller, Insidious. We came away from that feeling pretty good about the Saw creator's next foray into the fright realm. But now we find ourselves tapping the brakes a little after seeing the release of the film's official one-sheet poster that just came out via Yahoo! We saw where one site described it as something from a Justin Bieber zombie movie. That's actually a fairly accurate description.

You can see check it our for yourself below and can also watch the official trailer for Insidious below as well, but our opinion; trailer = good, poster = bad. So, the jury's still out on where this thing will likely end up, but with a PG-13 rating, we're pretty sure we already know.

Director: James Wan

Cast: Patrick Wilson; Rose Byrne; Barbara Hershey; Angus Sampson

Synopsis: Insidious is the terrifying story of a family who shortly after moving discover that dark spirits have possessed their home and that their son has inexplicably fallen into a coma. Trying to escape the haunting and save their son, they move again only to discover that it was not their house that was haunted.

Insidious Offical Movie Poster one-sheet