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Gibson and Foster's THE BEAVER Delayed Again

The Beaver Delayed AgainSummit Entertainment has made a strange decision by announcing yet another delay of the release of one of the most snake-bitten films to come down the pike in quite some time.

The studio decided back in December to delay the release of The Beaver until March 23 of this year, purportedly to allay fears that negative publicity from the film's star, Mel Gibson (then fresh off the latest bitch slap of his girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva), might kill its buzz. However we now get word from Deadline that the studio will wait until May 6 to release the film.

The delay this time around is allegedly because director Jodie Foster won't be able to properly promote the film due to previous commitments in Europe, and the studio is also hoping it can ride the potential word-of-mouth positivity after it premiers on March 16 at SXSW Film Festival.

The Beaver is about a man who uses a beaver hand-puppet to help him get his life back on track.

You can watch the trailer for The Beaver here or check out a still from the movie below:

The Beaver - Mel Gibson

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