More STAR WARS Blu-ray Release News

Well, in a recent interview with a Norwegian home cinema rag, the senior VP at 20th Century Fox International discussed in a bit more detail (but not much more), the specifics of the forthcoming blu-ray release of the Star Wars films.

The Star Wars: Original Trilogy and Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy will both be made up of 4 discs each - once disc per movie and then a bonus disc. Then the Star Wars: The Complete Saga package will include 1 extra disc containing special features, for a total of nine.

Marcais addressed the oft-asked questions about whether or not fans will be able to see the three originally released versions of the first three films by saying, "the versions that are being released are closest to George Lucas' vision. Other than that, no comment." He went on to add that the package will contain "even more enhancements to the picture quality." Sounds like a definitive "you will not get the originally released theatrical versions of the original trio of films," to us.

As for the blu-ray release of the film separately, no date has been announced.

Following are the reported price points for the sets:

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