Will Zuckerberg Appear on SNL... With Jesse Eisenberg? UPDATED

Though SNL reps declined to comment, NYP sources said Zuckerberg has indicated an "interest" in making the appearance on tomorrow night's broadcast "to show he has a sense of humor."

Of course, Facebook's official stance on the movie is that Zuckerberg was misportrayed and when asked for a comment after the film was nominated earlier this week for eight oscars, the company issued a statement saying, "We've said all we're going to say about the movie and the books. We've moved on from this discussion." Keep in mind however that the billionaire Facebook founder did take a group of employees to see the film on its opening weekend, so the dynamic may not actually be all that frosty.

Before we get too excited however, let's keep in mind that SNL's final product is always in flux, sometimes not being settled until the last moment, and that the story originates from the NYP's gossip column. But, if NBC is able to pull this off, expect the show's ratings - as well as the film's popularity - to skyrocket through the roof.

Can't see how either side could go wrong with this move.

Would you tune in?

UPDATED: Zuckerberg did join host Eisenberg for the opening monologue of the show Saturday. Cast member Andy Samberg offered his own impression of the Facebook CEO but quickly left - exclaiming "Awkward!" once Zuckerberg took the stage.

Eisenberg told Zuckerberg that he liked him on 60 Minutes and then asked if he had seen The Social Network. Zuckerberg, who has called the film inaccurate, responded that he had seen the film and that it was "interesting."

The two then high-fived.

Check out the somewhat awkward encounter below:

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