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Charlie Sheen Rushed to Hospital; Condition "Serious" - UPDATED

Sources say Charlie was having severe abdominal pains which triggered the 911 call. Stan Rosenfield, Charlie's publicist, tells TMZ Charlie was in the emergency room this morning -- sleeping.

The actor was last seen by neighbors last night partying with strippers who were heard singing Red Hot Chili Peppers songs throughout the evening from within the house. The party reportedly went into the wee hours of the night.

Sources say one of the women partying at the Sheen house was porn star, Kacey Jordan who was invited by a 3rd party on behalf of the actor. Four other women were at the house when the porn star arrived and Sheen's shirt was stained with wine.

As fun and innocent as it all sounds, these stories of full-throttle actors behaving badly seem to always pan out to be worse than first thought. For Charlie's sake let's hope not.

Stay tuned. More is sure to come...

UPDATED: Sources are now saying Mr. Sheen's emergency was caused by a pre-existing hiatal hernia. Call us skeptical, but something tells us there's more involved here.

UPDATED: We're going out on a limb here to bring you the official cause of Mr. Sheen's hospitalization: "bags of cocaine", and a "distillery's worth of alcohol." A porn star dispatched to the actor's estate during a wild night of partying tells of a courier who arrived at the home with an over-the-shoulder satchel filled with large bags of cocaine and of partying with the Two and a Half Men star in a porno movie screening room deep into the night.

UPDATED: This thing just keeps getting crazier by the minute. Now reports say that the actor will be back on the set Tuesday morning. Stay tuned...

Updated: Reports say Charlie Sheen has checked himself into rehab. His show, Two and Half Men has been placed on indefinite "hiatus" while he undergoes treatment.

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