Reel Reviews Critic Loron Hays Publishes Next Book: EITHER SIDE OF THE SAME STREET

Mr. Hays's previous novella, Only When I Breathe, hit the streets last fall, quickly sold out its first printing, but is now available again on

Either Side of the Same Street is about the forgotten part of America; a side of the country not represented by the nightly news. Hauntingly funny and earnest, this collection brings out the grisly character of the South, where the sickening humidity isn’t the only constant. Welcome to a town where the pace might be slow and steady, but its people are darkly disturbed. Sherman, Louisana is all about the South – without the charm. Alongside a rich selection of individuals as rugged and as broken as the steaming locale, Hack Dolan discovers just what it takes to escape the company of the unvanquished: a lot of digging. With leathery scar tissue that connects all its stories into one complete narrative, Either Side of the Same Street is a rich collection of stories that focuses on some pretty big matters in a really small town.

Hays earned a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing, teaches English courses, and writes film reviews here at Reel Reviews.

Either Side of the Same Street can be purchased by going to this link: