Spider-man Andrew GarfieldSome spy footage from the downtown Los Angeles set of Sony Pictures' Spider-man has made its way to the web (specifically youtube.com). Thanks, cfreema7!

Anyway, in this brief scene, we see some of the stunt work from the film as the fully-costumed Spidey approaches the intersection, runs into a police car, and than chases down a truck before doing a cool front flip over the tailgate to wind up in the bed of the truck. Look's like there will need to be some post-production CGI work to make it all transition a little smoother as there's a bit of a delay getting up into the truck.

The footage was filmed by a fan from the 16th floor of a downtown Los Angeles office tower.

There's also some ground-level footage of the same scene posted over at TMZ.com and some stills at onlocationvacations.com. Check 'em out.

The as-of-yet-untitled Spider-man film is being directed by Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield as the webslinging super-hero. It is slated to hit theaters in July of next year.