Updated: with a new close-up pic of a running Spidey.

The first official pic of Andrew Garfield in full spidey-wear has hit the internet.

And guess what? We have it for your viewing pleasure (below). Do anything for you? Wanting Tobey back? Looks like we should at least give it a sporting chance.

Andrew Garfield replaces Tobey Maguire as the super crime-fighting arachnid. Most will remember him as the scorned Eduardo Saverin in last year's The Social Network.

The as-of-yet untitled next installment of the Spider-man franchise is slated to hit theaters next year. Emma Stone will star as Gwen Stacy

Andrew garfield as Spider-man

And thanks to MTV.com, we have a new close up and highly detailed pic of Marc Webb's spider-man in action, complete with mask and mechanical webshooters (shiny discs on his wrist), which are a departure from Raimi's version which had webs that shot organically from the super-hero's wrists. See below:

Close-up sjot of runnign spider-man