Viggo Mortensen - Zod in SupermanViggo Mortensen's name is still being bandied about around the net to play Zod in Superman: Man of Steel, despite director Zach Snyder's assurance he won't.


Will Sasso Three StoogesWill Sasso will play Curly in the Farrelly's Three Stooges movie.


Child's Play remake newsThe long-touted Child's Play remake is supposedly a go picture. We will see a dark, non-comedic version of Chucky (voice again by original Brad Douriff) like in the original, come 2012, according to Movieweb.


Dumb and Dumber RemakeThe Farrelly's are reportedly considering a reuniting of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels for a Dumb and Dumber sequel. It would happen after they deal with their Stooges movie. (I think this is embellishment from web-folk, based on an off-handed comment from the Farrelly's. Jim Carrey is notoriously reluctant to do sequels. Take this story with a grain of salt.)


Dick Tracy RebootWarren Beatty has won his court case to retain the rights for Dick Tracy. Could another film be on the way?