Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Not the movie it needs to be

Old - Movie Review

So slapdash amateur

Black Widow - Movie Review

Doesn’t disappoint

Werewolves WIthin - Movie Review

Full of kinetic energy

Speed (1994) - 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

A stellar new 2160p transfer

Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection 4K Review

Well, here we are! How did they do?

Godzilla vs. Kong - Blu-ray Review

Now THIS is how you do it!

Voyagers - 4K UHD Review

Well-acted, well-constructed

New on Blu-ray

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Chris is as Australian novelist/screenwriter; he is the author of Llarriad: The Nurture of War, and its upcoming sequels. He has lived, breathed, ate, slept and pooped films since he could talk; has an atypical OCD issue with DVDs being alphabetized; an affinity for the Southern parts of North America—the food and the Southern Belles.

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