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Would you believe me if I told you that mirrors were doors to other worlds?  No.  But, I got your attention, didn’t I?  And therein lies the charm and the magic of this fun-filled feature.  Portal Runner is an awesome throwback to the matinee flicks your younger self used to enjoy.  Think Cloak and Dagger or Flight of the Navigator and you are on the right path as this family friendly journey has all the right feels.

Throwing us right into the middle of the cosmic action, Portal Runner begins with a head scratching interdimensional event in which a young boy jumps through a mirror and lands in his own home.  Wait.  What?  That’s right, in the middle of this quiet suburban home, a child traveler arrives via a mirror, but things are not as they seem in this world.

His name is Nolan (Sloan Morgan Siegel) and he is being pursued by something that has him running for his life.  A voice-over is our only direction as we see him run through the house grabbing and smashing as many mirrors as he can.  You see, this 15-year-old is being pursued by something that, just like him, uses mirrors to travel between dimensions.

Except Nolan is ready for him.  It might mean he’s trapped in a timeline he is unfamiliar with, but if it stops this evil force then it will be worth it. 

But is he ready for his rebellious sister, Mae (Elise Eberle), whom he has never met before?  Like I said, things here are a bit off for Nolan.

Let the family fun begin!  Portal Runner, a family friendly science fiction flick from Kairos Productions and Terror Films, has arrived just in time to light up your face for the holiday season.

With Y2K threatening to collapse civilization in the background - thanks to infomercials featuring a familiar face - Portal Runner gets its jabs in at the expense of its cast as a Christmas gift exchange becomes a chore of passing sacks of potatoes out.  You can eat them or plant them!  It’s the perfect gift when the lights go out.   

But that’s just window dressing as the real fun comes in finding out how Nolan convinces his sister to help him with this family secret!

Co-starring Carol Roscoe as Mae and Nolan’s mother and Brian S. Lewis as Uncle Boon, Portal Runner is a holiday-themed adventure that is unlike any other release this season.  Thanks to a quirky family and a clever script, he imaginative film is both comedic and sweet in nature as things seen in mirrors lead to Nolan’s sister finally coming to his aid and helping him out of the cosmic jam that he’s wound up in.  

Directed by Cornelia Duryée (Language Arts, West of Redemption, The Dark Horse, Camilla Dickinson) from a screenplay by Tallis Moore (JourneyQuest, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising), and based on a story by J.D. Henning, Portal Runner is a fun-filled and little off comedy that arrives just in the nick of time!  It begins streaming and is available On Demand December 10 from Kairos Productions and Terror Films.


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