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Dimi Kaye's Dangerous

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"Do you always drive by night?" She said, looking at him with a worrying gaze.

"Yes." He took a drag from his half burned cigarette while gazing the city lights below.

"Isn't that dangerous? Especially in your line of work?" She turned her eyes to the city streets. "I mean, the roads are empty and the cops have more chances to catch you."

"That's the idea." He took another drag. "They've got all the chances in the world to catch me but they never will." His eyes were still fixed in the purple color created by the blend of the sunset and the neon lights of the city.

"What do you mean?" Her worrying voice gave a hint of hope as she moved closer to him waiting for an explanation.

"At night, only the creatures that have a reason to be out stay up late." He pointed to the city below "All those people hiding in their places, waiting for the daylight to brighten their day will never know true freedom." His voice raised slightly in volume, showing a hint of excitement.

"The city sounds different, smells different. Every alley of it feels alive, but not in the sense you understand life." He turned his gaze to the full moon that started appearing in the night sky. "I know every part of it, every corner and dead end. I belong to the city and I belong to the night so it doesn't matter how many chances I'll give to the cops. They stay up late not because they want to, but because they are doing a job."

She was surprised with the answer and took a step away from him. "Isn't that dangerous?"

He turned and fixed his eyes on her. A slight grin appeared on his otherwise serious face.

"I am dangerous."

He threw away his cigarette butt and reached for the driver’s door handle.

"Get in, it's time to run."

Dimi Kaye

Before R-U-Double-N 97.6 FM is even three seconds on the dial, a radio "deejay" named Missy (Jasmine Monroe) has already stolen our hearts. That voice melts us deep; it was wise to include Miss Monroe’s voice talents here. And then, with nothing to hold onto except the cassette case these tunes are housed in, the night running begins. That introduction is no lie; it is the beginning of the scene that this release flushes out. Two people on the run in the edge of the night. They are glory bound and this release is their escape.

Dimi Kaye’s Dangerous is now officially out and, with tunes this sweet, the summer is destined to be retrograde and oh so tropi-Cali cool. Grab the wayfarers, mate! We have 20 tracks to steer through: 10 deejay lines and 10 full-throttled synthesized tunes for all the coastal cruising adventures that await us.


"From the beginning of the night to the very break of morning, there is simply no way that Dimi Kaye’s Dangerous doesn’t become a staple in your synthwave obsession."


After a brief intro from Missy, the road trip kicks in à la Kenny Loggins’ High Adventure-like with inspired guitar-driven licks that scream for West Coast travel. Don’t fight it. Seriously. The work here is digging up the past in order to push us into the future; these songs are both fun and emotional and they beg for repeat listens.

The two tracks that had previously been released – “Shadow Run” and “The Streets Are Mine” – serve as the lead-off material. Their mid-tempo rhythms are mood-setting gems and showcase a grand guitar-driven expression of longing and, dare I suggest, extended sunsets as two become one out upon the open road. The 1980s, feels and all, are definitely alive and well by the one-two punch of these lead songs. With more to come, Dimi Kaye delivers on the promise sewn into the electronic seams here. Think fast. Drive smarter. And hold on; I dig it.

Dimi Kaye's keyboard crescendos are locked-in and their targets are helpless to act; we can’t help but nod along. The choice shredding from the crunch of guitars is also laying a foundation of auditory pleasure. And “Greyhounds” is the theme for the morning hours, recalling the highs of the “Top Gun Anthem” with some nasty guitar vibes and then, as the shadows loom around us, that same third song takes us even higher with soaring synths.

Dimi Kaye

What follows next is a change-up pitch as “Cornered” lashes out, building suspense with some seriously sick guitar solo work from Theofilos Avramidis from the symphonic metal band Neperia. We then go dark and tense with the smooth chill of “Hiding in Plain Sight” as our two runners take shelter after some pretty dangerous encounters on the open road. According to Missy, the law is hot on their heels. And this steamy track is going to set the mood right.

Start sweating, bro. The tempo is all set to change with the next track. The pressure is building and we about to explode with more guitars and synthesized stylings. Concept albums are rarely this dreamy, but the synths providing the frame for “Dangerous” are title track ready in the ring to do all sorts of damage. Start working those abs to this tune or get your ass beat. Live or die.

The same can be said for what follows with “Pedal to the Metal” as steel wheels are needed to get these two out their current jam. The track is intense and perfectly hosts the needed action, matching its title with mood and feats of electronic fury. Those wicked Crane Kicks are ready! Bring it on!

Synthesized solos continue with the final rousing and fulfilling tracks; “With The City Lights Behind Us” and “Sunset Riders” are classics. KILLER CUTS, friends. In my head, I can compare them only to Vampire Step-Dad’s work and, in my opinion, he is THE MAN. These two soaring songs are emotional and beg us to just keep moving along with these sunset riders.

From the beginning of the night to the very break of morning, there is simply no way that Dimi Kaye’s Dangerous doesn’t become a staple in your synthwave obsession. Everything works to create something insanely special. I swear the open road is already calling to me. And that guitar keeps chugging away at those heart strings, brothers and sisters. The joy is real here.

Based in Germany but hailing from Greece, Dimi Kaye is a synthwave producer that I’ve long had my eye on. Last summer my ears were buzzing with his “Summers in Greece” EP. This summer it will be this, the fourth release from Dimi Kaye, which will occupy the most time in my ride. With tunes this hot, how could it not?

Dangerous does not disappoint.

Dimi Kaye


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