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Day of the Pigs (2020) - Review

Day of the Pigs

The mounted animal heads on the wall should have been their first warning.  The cobbled jars of moonshine, the second.  Something is not right here in these four walls. 

Regardless, those warning signs went unheeded in this short crime-and-grime flick which stars voluptuous hotties Starletta (Sparkle Soojian) and Violet (Nikki Curtis Jones) as a couple of supernatural sirens and El Apache (Tino Zamora), Manny (Manuel Ramirez), and Guero (Art Paul) as robbers who will pay the ultimate price for their cluelessness.

"Icky, sticky, and wild as hell"


AND THAT’S BECAUSE CRIME DOESN’T PAY!  But some weird-ass hoodoo-type shit just might!

Twelve insane minutes.  That’s all it takes for the heyday of grimy flicks once seen on 42nd street to splatter themselves all across the screen in Writer/Director Michael S. Rodriguez’s BADASS-sterpiece, Day of the Pigs.  Twelve freaking minutes and a wild tale of luchadores, a botched robbery, two wild-ass femme fatales, and one hell of a transformation peels itself from the theater floor and crawls across the stickiness to make itself known. 

The film is a quick celebration of all things GONZO as these crooks find themselves in over their heads once the door is open to Miss Starletta's cabin in the woods.Day of the Pigs

Icky, sticky, and wild as hell, Day of the Pigs is quite the calling card for Rodriguez and his crew of like-minded horror hounds.  It is succinct in its plotting and knows just how to get shit done as two masked bandits (having lost their brother) seek refuge from the storm of sirens that will soon be surrounding their nefarious activities.  But their rest will be short lived.  The gore, while limited, is practical and believable and makes for a fun scene of transformation as the safety and security that Starletta and Violent offers to these criminals comes with a heavy price.

Ain't no one getting lucky tonight!  Just remember, men ARE pigs.  Day of the Pigs, which is now streaming, explains why best.

4/5 stars

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