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The cat puns!  The synth-minded tails!  The awesome (C)attitude!  Synthriders are going to lose their minds to what Cat Temper, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, has served up with his latest release!

Cat Temper’s fourth album, Something Whiskered This Way Comes, is both playful AND powerful.  With eleven tracks of fast and fur(r)ious synthwave jams, this release damn near takes out your eardrums with its skull-splitting melodies.  The pounding beats are contagious as the opener “Meow at the Devil” melds into “Calicommando” and, quite suddenly, all the milk left out for your kitty spills onto the floor.

Lap it up, brothers and sisters!  There won’t be anyone crying over this release.  We are too busy dancing to the crunching guitars, the sneaky synths, and all the mad, mad tunes here.  I mean, once “The Call of Catulu” hits, ain’t no one stopping to catch their breath. 

Cat Temper has only just begun and the results – as the journey down the puny halls of heavy metal and heavy petting becomes music to shake your ass to.  Intense and truly synthwave righteous, the licks continue with non-stop jams like the wild “Detroit Rock Kitty” and soldier straight on to “Hissteria”, “Tomcat Sawyer”, and “Rock You Like a Furricane”, and not once does Cat Temper come up for air here.  Breaks?  Who the hell needs them when the jams are this FURRvent and block rocking! {googleads}

Cat Temper might have a wicked sense of humor when it comes to the titles of his song but the music – reminding me of Danny Elfman’s work in pop music – is deadly serious; striking at hearts and minds with the sharpest of claws.  There’s absolutely no escape from the serious snark of “Master of Pawprints” and “Breakin’ The Claw”!

MEOW!  Let the fur fly fast and quick.  Cat Temper is ready to rock!

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