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A Bennett Song Holiday

The Bennett-Song family returns for even more Holiday cheer!  

Written by Nancy Oeswein and directed by Harry Wallen, A Bennett Song Holiday is the terrific little charmer that the upcoming holidays need this year as it continues the story of this diverse family and their 14 adopted children.  The family, who were previously introduced in 2018’s Bennett’s Song, is composed of two unique families who came together to teach audiences about diversity, acceptance, and what it means to be a family in the 21st century. 

"The comedic beats work to create the laughs and the romance creates the love that is spread all around and from smile to smile as the holidays just got a little more merry and bright."



But, as a greedy real estate developer sets his sights on closing a local community center for kids, they are once again called to action to deliver messages of hope and love and, above all things, acceptance.

Starring Dennis Haskins  as Sam Bennett, Calhoun Koenig  as Pearl Song, Harley Wallen as Cole Bennett, and Aphrodite Nikolovski as Susan Song, the members of the Bennet-Song family continue to be at the center of this heartwarming tale, but things have changed . . . a bit as Susan has a surprise in store and Pearl finds a commonality in music appreciation with her beau. A Bennett Song Holiday

Having combined their fates, it seems this rather large family is now expecting a new bundle of joy.  But, as a local community school for the less fortunate is under attack by selfish greed thanks to the intentions of Corbin Bernsen as Aiden Neville, their attention is being diverted away from their new arrival and they, along with Fred Buchalter as Paul, who works at the St. Matthews school, must figure out a way to put a stop to Aiden’s attempts to close the center for good..

With help from Bryce Xavier as Logan French, the family must rally together and spread a whole lot of good vibrations in this light-hearted comedy from Vision Films.  It’s an easy breezy affair that, filled with solid performances from everyone involved, continues to successfully spread the Bennett-Song family charm.  The comedic beats work to create the laughs and the romance creates the love that is spread all around and from smile to smile as the holidays just got a little more merry and bright.

A Bennett Song Holiday opens November 10th and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Vudu, and Vimeo, and across hundreds of U.S. cable providers including Comcast, Spectrum, Charter, Cox, Dish, DirecTV and more. The DVD retailers include Amazon and all other major online retailers, so make sure your holidays are complete with this heartwarming tale!

3/5 stars

A Bennett Song Holiday


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A Bennett Song Holiday

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
: Harley Wallen
Nancy Oeswein
Corbin Bernsen, Dennis Haskins, Calhoun Koenig
: Comedy | Family
Fmailies are Forever Friends.
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Vision Films
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November 10, 2020
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Synopsis: The unique Bennett-Song family learns the true meaning of the holidays as they solve a community crisis and adapt to big changes. Everything you want in a holiday film: love, the power of belief, laughter, tears, and new music classics.

A Bennett Song Holiday

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