Harold Lloyd's Safety Last restored for re-release

Let the re-release buzz begin!  No, it’s not another Star Wars film needlessly prepped for 3D distribution.  This time we’re going way back and celebrating the 90th anniversary of a classic film.  Janus Films, the preeminent U.S. distributor of foreign and classic films, has just announced that it is re-releasing Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last! in theaters across the country this summer.  The 2K digital transfer has been newly sourced from the original nitrate print (from 1923) and meticulously remastered and cleaned up.  Over 300 hours of work went into the restoration process.  The new transfer is also getting the deluxe treatment as composer Carl Davis has re-synched his score to match the new print.  Safety Last! is a brilliant comedy that lives outside of time itself.  Full of classic moments (Lloyd hanging from a large clock over a busy street anyone?), the new 35mm prints will certainly be a treat for anyone lucky enough (or observant enough) to catch in theaters throughout April, May & June 2013.

More information on the re-release schedule can be found at www.janusfilms.com/safetylast/dates.html.

Check out the new trailer here: