J.J. Abrams Star Trek

Grants Trekkie's Dying Wish to See New STAR TREK Film

In our world of seemingly ever-decreasing compassion, it's always enlightening when a bit of good news from Hollywood's money-grubbing soullessness crosses over into the general interest of we human beings. This heart-warming story comes from none other than film director J.J. Abrams who responded to the requests of a dying cancer patient by setting up a special screening of his upcoming Star Trek sequel called Star Trek Into Darkness.

Dan, a dyed-in-the-wool Star Trek fan diagnosed with not one, but two forms of terminal cancer in the last several years recently became disappointed when the much-hyped 9-minute Star Trek Into Darkness prologue failed to show before a screening of The Hobbit as had been advertised. This was to be a last chance to feed his ravenous Star Trek jones with new material before passing into that great Galactic Quadrant in the sky.

However, the goodness of mankind came through when readers, upon learning of the man's discouragement via a post on Reddit.com, took Dan's plight to Facebook and Twitter where it quickly went viral and eventually got the attention of Abrams himself. It wasn't long before Dan and his wife were contacted by Abrams who hooked the couple up with what they believed was to be a private screening of the prologue, but eventually turned into a sworn-to-secrecy screening of an unfinished version of the entire film.

A few day's later Dan's wife took back to the internet with their limited thoughts on the film.

"Hi everyone, it's Daniel's wife, we are of course sworn to secrecy, BUT we are officially allowed to say we saw it and we enjoyed it IMMENSELY as a film and as a gesture...We were so touched when [Abrams] was concerned that we wouldn't 100% enjoy the screening as it's still being worked on....... Be assured we enjoyed it 110%!"

She continued with another post thanking not only Abrams, but the entire internet community for realizing the true meaning of the holiday season.

"This is a story of us giving something to him, the 'internet' community giving something to him and ultimately being a heartwarming gift to our friends, family and so many others. This story of us (and of course JJAbrams & Bad Robot) being able to give this surprise gift of a screening to a huge movie buff like Daniel, especially a film made by a film maker who obviously makes movies with such care, with a fan like Daniel in mind."

Those familiar with the lock-down privacy of Abrams with regards to his in-development projects realize this was indeed a special treat and should go down as a reminder that it usually doesn't take a whole lot to make someone forget their troubles if we all just make the effort to commit a random act of kindness every now and then.

Here's to hoping Dan gets better and that people everywhere remember we're all in this thing together. Have a safe and prosperous new year! Nanu Nanu, er... live long and prosper!