Jurassic Park 4 Coming to Theaters in 2014

Not that news of yet another sequel, prequel, reboot, or remake is either earth shattering or particularly interesting, but when such word is about the continuation of the Jurassic Park story it certainly rattles our cage with excitement.

While making the PR rounds for next month's release of the fourth installment in the Bourne franchise, producer Frank Marshall strayed off point a bit and threw us all a bone when he told Collider.com that they plan on having Jurassic Park 4 in theaters in 2014.

The project has been in various stages of (un)development for quite some time now with word coming directly from Steven Spielberg at last year's ComicCon that a good story had begun to surface (and that he definitely will not direct), followed by word last month that Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, the writing brain trust behind last year's Rise of the Planet of the Apes success, had been tapped to pen the script. With Marshall's latest tidbit, things seem to be ramping up for full steam ahead.

Also during the interview, Marshall pointed to advances in visual effects technology as an important factor in the decision to revive the project and make it a reality, but the producer was also quick to add that the filmmakers wouldn't completely abandon practical effects and animatronic dinosaurs. This is certainly good news as there's nothing more distracting than a human trying to make eye contact with a non-existent CGI creature while giving each other the thousand-yard stare.

Marshall also revealed that the as-of-yet-unnamed film will be a sequel to the Jurassic Park series maintaining continuity with the trilogy and will not be a reboot or remake. More good news as they'll likely set up the story so it can be pointed in any number of new directions for the future of the franchise. Marshall was also quoted as saying that JP4 is slated for a summer release as it's definitely a "popcorn movie."

We'll find out very quickly just how serious Marshall, Spielberg, and Universal Pictures are about the project as the two-year time frame means a director will need to be sought out and attached to the project very soon now. And of course we'll keep you informed as more details emerge.