Breaking Bad gets 13 Emmy nominations

In what should come as no surprise to anyone with a television, Vince Gilligan's acclaimed dramedy Breaking Bad scored a whopping 13 Emmy Nominations this morning thanks to the solid Fourth season showing. Continuing his dominance over the category, Bryan Cranston snagged his fourth eligible nomination in a row for his brutal portrayal of Heisenberg aka Walter White aka The Reason Everyone Loves This Show. Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman showed more depth and evolution and less junky attributes thus securing his Best Supporting nomination for a second time, but his competition is stiff - Giancarlo Esposito also scored a nomination for his unforgiving performance as Gustavo Fring, Los Pollos Hermanos District Manager of the Year. He's come a long way from the The Usual Suspects.

Bagging her first nomination for the role, Anna Gunn managed one for her portrayal of Skyler White, though it's possible it was more out of spite to the fans who don't care for the character. It's well deserved in my opinion, only because teenage girls these days need a positive role model outside of Katy Perry - and who better than the loving wife of a meth dealer/cook who's capped thugs, blown up warehouses, allowed junkies like Jane Margolis to choke on their own vomit and die? Skyler's done her own "breaking bad" by sleeping with Ted (who looks hilarious in Season 5 btw) and laundering money through the car wash.

Unfortunately its another season gone by without a nomination for Dean Norris, the primary foil to Cranston's diabolical anti-hero. Norris has upped the ante in the last two seasons going from being that annoying guy at parties who inserts himself into conversations, to being an actual police officer with a purpose. Hard to believe at one point he was getting verbally spanked by the Governator in Total Recall. With Season 5 beginning there's still hope for next year's nominations.

Rounding out the nominations were a few technical ones but no one cares about that, no matter how much hard work went into it. We only care about actors because they have better lives than us. They are better than us.

In other Emmy Nominations news, no one will watch the broadcast, they'll just get updates from Twitter on September 23rd. Some other shows had some nominations too.