Llarriad: The Nurture of War

Reel Reviews film critic Christopher Symonds has been quite busy of late. When not holed up in a Goulburn, NSW movie theater basking in his love of all things cinema and reporting it back to you, the dear reader, the Australia-based screenwriter was toiling away on his first novel titled LLarriad: The Nurture of War.

We're happy that we can finally blow the lid off this well-kept secret and announce that the book is now ready for prime time! The 417-page novel, the first in the Llarriad trilogy, is a science-fiction/fantasy affair that tells of the prophecy of a young boy who will eventually unite the races of Llarriad when he grows up to find himself pitted against the tyrannical rule of the highest power in the land… his best friend. The resulting conflict will unveil long kept secrets, challenge the beliefs of all, and set Llarriad on a new path: One destiny for all…

Llarriad: The Nurture of War can be purchased at Lulu.com, and will also soon be available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and where all good books are sold.

Visit the Llarriad Facebook page for instructions on how to receive an additional 16% off on the book's currently discounted $29.99 list price.

About the author: Christopher Symonds currently writes for the U.S. based film website Reel Reviews and has several film projects, bit in the United States and Australia, in development. Llarriad: The Nurture of War is his debut novel. To contact the author, send letters, bookings, or requests, please e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Llarriad: The Nurture of War