Vince Vaughn in Rockford Files

Despite the many roadblocks in getting a TV revival of the The Rockford Files up and running, Universal Pictures is apparently moving full steam ahead with the big screen adaptation of the 1970's TV series that starred James Garner as a private investigator working the streets of Los Angeles.

Via Deadline, we learn the studio has just announced that Ocean's Thirteen and Rounders writers David Levian and Brian Koppelman have been tapped the pen a feature adaptation of the series that ran on NBC for seven years from 1974-1980, and that the film will be a star vehicle for Vince Vaughn to play the lovable Jim Rockford.

In the original Stephen J. Cannell series, Garner's Rockford was a fast-talking ex-con-turned-private-eye who lived and worked out of a shabby travel trailer parked on a Malibu beach. But unlike most other PIs who carried a big stick, Rockford preferred wielding his charm to coax his contacts for information.

No word on what angle Levian and Koppelman plan on taking with their recreation, or whether or not it will even maintain its '70s setting, but with Vaughn involved, there's a greater than zero chance the film's tone will be a comedic one, probably in the same vein as 2004's Starsky & Hutch.