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Wicked Witches (2019) - Movie Review

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Wicked Witches (2019)

There’s something wrong with Dumpling Farm.  What was once a weekend party place has been turned into a place where a lot of young men simply go missing.  Weird.  Even the local authorities, scared off by stories about witches and other supernatural stuff, are a bit too weary to investigate such a far gone and out place.  But, for one young man who has been kicked out of his home by his wife for cheating on her, there’s only one place to go . . . and put him right in the path of an angry coven of flesh-ripping witches.

"The final act, though, is non-stop horror, where survival at ANY cost is the name of the game"

Starring Duncan Casey as Mark Griffth, Kitt Alexander Proudfoot as Stevie McAllan, Samantha Schnitzler as High Priestess, Justin Marosa as Ian Pickering, Wicked Witches focuses on Mark’s adjustment to single life after being booted from his house.  The opening few minutes of Martin and Mark Pickering, aka The Pickering Brothers, film allows for his life change to soak in.  He slips his wedding ring off, looks it over, and leaves it behind as he drives his car back toward the place of his youth.  Does he feel bad for what he's done?  We just don't know.  We do know he wants to party hard.

But Dumpling Farm is not the same.  Sure, his friend Ian is there – he never left the place – but something just feels different.  What follows is a lot of drug use, a lot of alcohol, and a series of wild nights as Mark tries to adjust to being single AND being back at his former stomping grounds.  But Ian is being weird and there’s a room in his house that keeps hidden and locked and it is full of a stench that permeates the house.  Something odd is at work here. {googleads}

But, after a LONG series of random events, we finally get clued in when a party gets busted up by a group of girls who – while sexy as hell – are also in league with a demon.  Soon enough, what was a party becomes a massacre in a grisly sequence that completely wipes out the dullness of the early parts in the movie.  With lots of gore and practical effects, the feminine madness takes over the picture as the men find themselves hunted down in wild and bloodcurdling ways.  No one is safe from these girls.  No one.

And Mark has no idea just how vengeful these women are.  The main problem with the film is feeling ANYTHING for Mark.  He’s an absolute ass and we can’t tell if he feels any regret for any of the actions he’s done.  Everything concerning his arc is one of indifference, so when he is being hunted by the coven, we’re perfectly fine with WHATEVER happens to him because the dude has earned it. Wicked Witches (2019)

Winner of the Best Horror Feature at the 80 Screams International Film Festival 2018, Wicked Witches is a film in two parts.  For about 40 minutes or so, we follow Mark around as he mopes and visits his old lifestyle, trying to find purpose or meaning in the absence of his wife.  It really isn’t clear.  The final act, though, is non-stop horror, where survival at ANY cost is the name of the game.  And getting past this coven is going to be the hardest thing Mark has ever done. 

You can NEVER go home again.  Wicked Witches proves it.  The 10-city theatrical (cities to be announced), DVD and Digital release begins August 9 thanks to Midnight Releasing and October Coast.

3/5 beers

Wicked Witches (2019)


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Wicked Witches (2019)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
83 mins
: Martin J Pickering
Mark Pickering, Martin J Pickering
Duncan Casey, Justin Marosa, Kitt Proudfoot
: Horror
A Harvest for the Devil.
Memorable Movie Quote: "Where you from, boy?"
Theatrical Distributor:
Midnight Releasing
Official Site:
Release Date:
August 9, 2019
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
August 9, 2019
Synopsis: After being thrown out of his home by his wife for being promiscuous, Mark finds himself back at Dumpling Farm, a place of youthful memories and parties, but things aren't quite right. His old buddy Ian, who has never left the place, is possessed by a group demonic, flesh eating Witches. Using Ian and his farm, these beautiful Witches honey trap Mark and his friends to consume their souls.


Wicked Witches (2019)

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