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Ultraman: The Complete Series (1966) - Blu-ray Review

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Ultraman (1966-1997)

In the middle of the 1960s, Toho’s special effects maestro, Eiji Tsuburaya, was on quite a roll. As Ultra Q finished, the Tokyo Broadcasting System wanted a new television series with him at the helm. But this time they wanted something in color; something that could be marketed overseas; something with even more monsters and with ONE superhero that kids of all ages would gobble up. Completely.

Thus, Ultraman, from the land of light for justice’s sake was born! Now, thanks to this fully remastered and fully restored release from Mill Creek Entertainment, the series that was in syndication for nearly two decades has a brand-new coat of HD paint. And the results, featuring the complete, uncut Japanese episodes, are pretty damn exciting and colorful!

For many of us, the success of Ultraman was all she wrote. Our excitement for this defender was matched by the 35,000 tons that was packed into his punch. Finally, the earth had a protector from all kids of beings. From his Spacium Beam to his Catch Ring, this hero would helm 39-episodes full of rock ‘em, sock ‘em takedowns. The sleek design! The red! The silver! And the glowing yellow eyes! There would be no monster that Ultraman, an alien of justice who came to Earth and wound up merging his life with another to protect us from all kids of creatures, could not swiftly defeat.

But can we talk about the monster designs for a minute? Because, damn, some of the monsters created for the series are simply AWESOME. From the Godzilla-like Bemular from the first episode to the underwater legend known as Guesra, the design team of Ultraman’s monsters were absolutely on fire and they deliver some serious towering creatures for the television screen.  And the smackdowns that follow in the wake of each new monster are absolutely unforgettable.

The mayhem! The monolithic meteor-like beings that followed in the wake of Ultraman’s merging with the fallen Shin Hayata, a low-ranking member of a defense force, were out for rages upon rages. From stadiums to city blocks, the damage that they cause in each and every expensive episode are quite grand and exciting!  And on this HD image, they absolutely rip through the television screen and destroy your living room.Ultraman (1966-1997)

Not even the ugly, orange uniforms of the Science Patrol could stop the legacy that this show started. It is a legacy that continues still. While the origins of programs like this can be traced to The Twilight Zone, this series and its space age shenanigans from the members of the Science Patrol – including Akiji Kobayashi, Susumu Kurobe, Masanari Nihei, Iyoshi Ishii, Hiroko Sakurai, Akihide Tsuzawa – was its own being and, thankfully, it would go on to launch Ultraseven and beyond!

Nebula M78 Land of Light, what other inter galactic heroes are you hiding?!?!?! The beyond classic first run of Ultraman is now on blu-ray thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment.  Scoop up your copy NOW!

3/5 beers

Ultraman (1966-1997)


Blu-ray Details:

Blu-ray + Digital HD

Home Video Distributor: Mill Creek Entertainment
Available on Blu-ray
- October 15, 2019
Screen Formats: 1.33:1
: English
Japanese: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0
Discs: Blu-ray Disc; six disc set
Region Encoding: Region-free playback

Ultraman: The Complete Series can now be celebrated in 1080p with Mill Creek’s breathtaking blu-ray release of this beloved television series. Fully remastered and uncensored, the Japanese edits of this 39-episode series look as imaginative as remembered thanks to the HD remastering and the loving-layered Lossless DTS-HD Master Audio. A 28-page colorful booklet is also included with the release.


The color photography is crisp and stirring, providing a viewing that is surprising in its clarity considering the age of the print and the possible damages therein. Each episode looks almost brand spanking new and absolutely pops with its handling of cosmic colors in its image. The details in the monsters and the aliens differ from episode to episode, but they are incredibly rich so that statement is not knocking this release at all.


A lively lossless DTS-HD Master Audio track is featured on every episode. Full of great effects, this is a center speaker affair.



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Special Features:

  • None

Blu-ray Rating:

  Movie 5/5 stars
  Video  5/5 stars
  Audio 4/5 stars
  Extras 1/5 stars

Overall Blu-ray Experience

4/5 stars

Ultraman (1966-1967)

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