The Dark Knight Rises

With nothing to support its validity other than to say "it's on the internet so it must be true," we've decided to report on the rumor (and that's all they are at this point) that Warner's blu-ray release of The Dark Knight Rises will contain a director's cut featuring about 30 minutes of additional footage.

The juicy rumor started on Nuke the Fridge, a site with a less than reputable track record of breaking legitimate news stories, and in all fairness, they do prominently say that it is only a rumor, but this is such a big bit of news that if it is indeed true, it's definitely worth passing on.

The site says that not only will there be the added footage on the disc amounting to about thirty minutes, but that the extra scenes will provide more insight into Batman villain Bane's backstory as well as more screen time for Liam Neeson's Ra's Al Ghul character, two of the most widely criticized aspects of the film. Which is exactly why this feels more like a fanboy's wet dream than a legitimate studio plan.

Then again, Christopher Nolan's film tops out at a portly 165 minutes, the maximum accommodated by an IMAX film reel, so it would make sense that the director cut his film there. Even though Nolan is notorious for not providing director's cuts on the home video releases of his films - and works under a contract that gives him final cut - it is quite possible that he had more to say in TDKR, but was forced to go with an abbreviated version. In fact, the film's costume designer, Lindy Hemming, has gone on the record as confirming that more footage of Bane's origin was shot during initial shooting but had to be cut at the last minute. Said Hemming, "There's a whole early section for Tom Hardy where he's fighting and being taunted by people. He's got chains on him, and he's standing on a wooden thing while people are attacking him. And in that scene, he’s wearing a much more ragged, primitive version of the mask."

The studio has yet to respond to the rumor and of course there has been no official word about the film's blu-ray release, so until something comes directly from Warner or Nolan himself, this should all be taken with an entire shaker of salt. But regardless, it's fun to dream and wonder if knowing where in the hell Bane came from would make up for some of the film's shortcomings.

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