Marion Cotillard in Dark Knight Rises

We try to stay away from the Hollywood rumor mill, but this one seems to have some meat on its bones.

Word began percolating over the weekend that Marion Cotillard had joined her Inception director, Christopher Nolan on his Batman project, supposedly as Talia al Ghul. While all the details can't be authenticated (especially the one about her specific character), THR is reporting that a rep for the actress in Paris said that Cotillard's involvement in the film is currently "in discussions, but nothing has been confirmed yet."

Cotillard is pregnant and expecting this Spring with Dark Knight filming to begin in the summer so it would be a quick physical turnaround as the plan is for her to start shooting in mid-June in London.

The role is described as the "romantic lead" for Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) which Nolan has reportedly been meeting and reading with several actresses, including Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts, according to insiders.

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