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Red Handed

Sometimes the smallest voices scream the loudest.

The deep mountains of Oregon might be an unusual place for an Old Testament-styled demonic showdown, but Red Handed, a new horror thriller from High Octane Pictures, gets a lot of its atmosphere from those rolling hills and quiet stream.  That location and that open space - full of woods, a grand farmhouse, and lots of backwoods flair - is a Grade A setting for some apocalyptic fears to take root and spread like wildfire among dry grass.  Here, among those idyllic features, Bible-thumping gets back to basics and the misery of Moloch continues to thunder down the hillside.

"this new horror flick ... delivers big, big themes on a small budget"

Red Handed deals with brothers, demonic worship, snakes, one hell of a sexy siren, and first-born sacrifices within an old time religion that has deep and thick roots.  It’s all in play in this twisting thriller. Complete with a scenic Eden-like backdrop, this new horror flick from writer-director Frank Peluso (director of the upcoming The Ogilvy Fortune) and producer Nick Cassavetes (Alpha Dog, Blow, My Sister’s Keeper) delivers big, big themes on a small budget. {googleads}

And it works in unison with its sacrificial script to showcase a memorable new horror thriller for your family get-togethers this holiday season to watch and respond to.  Because, whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas, someone - when families gather around really large tables - seated there is going to pay a heavy price.  Traditions continue in Red Handed, in spite of those who try to stop them, and perhaps not for the best either.

In Red Handed, it is Pete (Owen Burke) who longs for silence.  He’s a park ranger. Due to a childhood incident, he’s troubled by something dark and mysterious.  While we understand it has to do with his abduction, even we don’t know the full extent of exactly what it is, but we will soon enough as the past becomes prologue when one of his young relatives go missing.Red Handed

The family is reeling from the news of their father’s death.  The brothers’ father (played my Michael Madsen) wasn’t the nicest of guys and his murder is a mysterious one indeed, so when the family - including Duffy (Christian Madsen), Duffy’s wife (Kenzie Dalton) and son (Frank Peluso III), Gus (Ryan Carnes), his girlfriend (Zoe Chait), and the estranged Reynolds (Michael Biehn from Aliens and Terminator fame) - darken their father’s estate to spread their father’s ashes across the river, Pete is surprised to find the past has also arrived with sudden migraines, weird flashbacks, and a knowledge of what’s to come.

Co-starring the very sultry Caroline Vreeland as Rachel, this film might concern itself with the very ancient tale of Moloch and the Canaanites, but it is more concerned with ushering in terror - absolute and eternal - for an entirely new generation.  With great locations, solid acting, and a tight script which delivers one engaging twist after another thanks to this family’s history and a 30-year old abduction.

The hills are alive and bloody once again!  Red Handed arrives on DVD and Digital December 3 from High Octane Pictures.

3/5 stars

Red Handed


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Red Handed

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
91 mins
: Frank Peluso
Frank Peluso
Michael Biehn, Ryan Carnes, Kenzie Dalton
: Horror
We all have to sacrifice for family.
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High Octane Pictures
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December 3, 2019
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Synopsis: When their father is murdered, three brothers descend upon an Oregon mountain river to spread his ashes. After they arrive, one of their children goes missing. One of the brothers was himself abducted 30 years ago when they visited this same river, but he has blocked the incident out of his mind. Only by unlocking the mysteries inside his subconscious, will they be able find the child and return him to safety.


Red Handed

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